Enchanted Forest Collection

Welcome to the Enchanted Forest, where nature's mystique comes to life in a jewelry collection drenched in hues of purple, green, and teal. Handcrafted with the artistry of lampworked Indian glass, India foil glass, Acrylic, Porcelain and Greek Ceramic, each piece is a magical journey through the heart of an enchanted woodland.

Lampworked Indian glass captures the ethereal dance of light in the forest, while Greek ceramic and porcelain embody the earthy elegance beneath the ancient trees. The harmonious blend of colors - mirrors the enchanting palette of nature.

Complemented by touches of gold and silver, this collection invites you to adorn yourself in the world of enchantment. Each piece is a testament to the magic found in the intertwining branches and dappled sunlight of the
Enchanted Forest.