Explore the mystique of Alexandria, an ancient city reborn in a jewelry collection that breathes life into history. Crafted with water buffalo horn, hand-cut glass, hand-carved resin, porcelain, and luxurious matte gold chain, each piece resonates with the whispers of ancient Egyptian allure.
 The water buffalo horn pays homage to the strength of the Nile, while hand-cut glass reflects the shimmering essence of Cleopatra's famed beauty. Hand-carved resin and porcelain nod to the intricate artistry of the era, preserving the spirit of Alexandria's grandeur.
 Luxurious matte gold chains intertwine like threads of time, connecting the past to the present. Alexandria beckons you to adorn yourself in the opulence of a bygone era, where each piece holds the echoes of a city that once thrived along the banks of the ancient Nile.